photo by by Nils Müller


DJ RAFIKが2007 DMC World Championであることは周知の事実であろう。しかしながら、彼はただのバトルDJではない。彼が様々な音楽的バックグラウンドとターンテーブルスキルを持っているからこそできる縦横無尽なDJプレイが持ち味であり、何時間プレイをしてもオーディエンスを飽きさせないセットを生み出せるのである。
もちろんそれは言葉だけではなく、FABRICでの数々の海外遠征、SOULWAX, DIPLO, MAJOR LAZER, BOYS NOIZE, LOCO DICE, A-TRAK, J-DILLA, WU-TANG, Q-Bertらとの競演に抜擢されていることからも伺える。

2011年来日時にBROKEN HAZE, XLII, DJ KenOneなどと数多くのイベントで競演、RAID SYSTEMに加入。


Rafik provides us with a story that can hang with our average fairytales.
Miniature pianist creating havoc in the neighborhood at the age of three goes award winner by the age of six, speed metal drummer by the age of 8, club-rocker by the age of 14 and ultimately six time world dj champion* by the age of 25.
Ten years of craft and experience combined with a genuine passion for contemporary culture have transformed this still young and notably handsome man into an institution.
Rafik has toured the world from Europe to the US to Asia and back. He played memorable sets at FABRIC (London), WATERGATE (Berlin), PUNK (Beijing), VOLAR (Hong Kong), REX (Paris), APOLLO (London) and more.
He has shared the stage and gained praise from the likes of SOULWAX, DIPLO, MAJOR LAZER, BOYS NOIZE, LOCO DICE, A-TRAK, J-DILLA, WU-TANG and Q-Bert.
This life full of music and the years of international club experience combined with the craft and showmanship of a World Champion guarantee highly unique and eclectic sets, combining club smashing blends from house and electro to rock, hip hop, dubstep and dancehall – all spiced up with the finesse of a champion.

RafikFauxMagazine005 by Dj Rafik

RAFIK. GOLD STEEL (2008) from TONY T. on Vimeo.